All the students will be provided well maintained classrooms and necessary arrangements.

The College has a spacious science lab which is well-equipped with all the necessary scientific apparatus and teaching apparatus to understand science in a practical way.The College has a separate psychology lab which has all the tests and the required equipments for conducting psychology experiments included in the B.Ed syllabus.The College has a well-equipped computer lab having 15 computers of latest configurations. All the computers are loaded with latest software and internet connection. The lab is also equipped with scanner, printer and other equipments which can be effectively utilize by the students to make their teaching learning process effective.The College has audio equipment, a Projector, DVD player and television and other equipments which are often used in the teaching-learning process. The college also maintains a good collection of instructional and material such as models, globe, maps, mathematical instruments, charts and other teaching aids.Except this,we have multipurpose halls,play field,canteen,etc.